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Untitled_Artwork 36.png

A bespoke design for the brand new store, taking inspiration from the legendary John Hardy woven silver chains. A fully three- dimensional, 10m long woven slepan and busung hanging chain sculpture. 

This is one of the largest commissions we have ever delivered. The design of the sculpture read so true to the brand of John Hardy that a larger concept was conceived to build an interactive customer experience around our sculpture. There will be a 12m long table where a silversmith artisan will sit every day and invite each guest to make a silver link to contribute to a large-scale silver chain. This silver chain will slowly build up and become a silver installation sculpture beneath our hanging woven chain. They will gradually evolve into a cohesive installation of coconut leaf chain meets silver chain.

Photography by Krishna

The finished hanging sculpture in dried bronze leaf. 


"I was introduced to your work about two years ago when I came to Bali with an architect friend to design the store. There were a few decisions that we wanted to explore immediately and your work as a modern interpretation of the classic woven chain was a natural partnership. We wanted to choose local materials that evoke a sense of handmade involvement and your process and story are amazing. Your sculpture brings incredible movement and true connection to our origins. What an incredible piece, thank you." 

Maggie Phrompechrut

John Hardy I Senior Director, Channel Marketing

Photography by Ardika Kadek and Tommaso

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