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This is the moment all brides dream of… saying "I do"

in front of family and friends.

We can weave you a grand backdrop, a romantic canopy or transform the altar, creating an extra- ordinary vision to be captured on your wedding photos and videos.


A choice of fresh woven green leaf for a tropical theme or dry leaf can be gilded to create an opulent aesthetic as you walk down the aisle.

Art Deco Lotus Leaf Backdrop

An Art Deco inspired piece consisting of a grand spread of tulip shaped leaves. Bronze and cream colour tones to suit an elegant, white wedding with a touch of Gatsby drama!

Leaf Fan Backdrop

A luscious spread of thick, rich green leaves. A stunning and dramatic backdrop for the exchanging of vows

Contemporary Diamond Archway


A contemporary wedding arbour.

Bold geometric lines woven in creamy yellow coconut leaf accented with contrasting softness of hanging ambu streamers.

Contemporary Diamond Backdrop


Modern with a tropical touch!

Bold, geometric lines crowned with a thick spread of handwoven leaves. 

Contemporary Gayor Archway


A traditional Balinese gayor archway elevated into modernity. Personalised with fresh flower signage ...and fun dragon plenkungans.

Coral Arbour


An alternative to our traditional woven installations. Beautiful coral beds bursting with diverse natural materials. 

Contemporary Diamond Backdrop


Whether indoor or outdoor, our installations dazzle against any backdrop. The woven leaf surfaces take on a new dimension and aesthetic as the sun begins to set or with focussed lighting as the party continues into the night!

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