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Film made by Gary Bencheghib and his team at Make A Change World


Our material: The Balinese Tree of Life

All of our work is made from locally sourced, natural material, specifically two types of coconut leaves- slepan and busung.

We strive to make our work as biodegradable as we can. We care about the whole process of our creation. Continued learning is important to us in order to be responsible and considered in our practice. We are proud that we are the leaders of a green movement in dekorasi not only on the island of Bali, but are now reaching out worldwide.

Traditional Bali for Contemporary Green Events. 

For those clients who may prefer to have a bronze coloured finish to the weaving, we can make orders in advance and dry them out over a period of 2-3 weeks. Dried leaf items will maintain their colour condition and appearance for a number of months.

Dried leaf products are particularly suitable for export worldwide.

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