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Eco-friendly Ogoh- Ogoh Collaboration with Bamboo Weaving Artist Udianata.

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

A New Green Movement in Ogoh-Ogoh artistry:

Millenial Ogoh- Ogoh team chooses to return to the eco-friendly methods of the past.

Raka Dalem leads a team from Banjar Pande in Desa Sayan. Eco champion Ogoh- Ogoh made from bamboo , papier mache, paint , gold paper, yarn , string from the aerial roots of the Holy banyan tree, cardboard and rice hulls.

Year 2020: MAS! Devises a new Weaving Workshop: Embellish an Ogoh-Ogoh monster in fresh green woven adornments and accessories. Ogoh-ogoh structure made in collaboration with bamboo weaving artists Udianata and team from Tampaksiring. Merging a base structure and body of MAS! dried coconut leaf weaving with Udianata's delicate, bamboo fine artistry for the head, hands and feet.


Meanwhile back at the workshop the body structure is being constructed....


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