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John Hardy Holiday Windows New York, New York!

Holiday season MAS! X Wife NYC takeover.

Visual merchandising and window display in 10 JH stores across America. A collaboration between two artists taking woven components by Make A Scene! and integrating them with American artist  WifeNYC to build in gold and silver painted elements/arrangements.

MAS! was commissioned to ‘Concept and Develop’ a series of small scale, authentically  Balinese decorative forms and art objects that would serve to build-up sets of window displays and in-store visual merchandising display arrangements for their 10 stores across the US. 

This whole commission was a big departure for us into the small-scale world. We took so much inspiration from the vast and unique ceremonies of Balinese Hinduism festivities. Designs of Balinese offerings were our starting point and main reference throughout.

The most challenging aspect of this commission was the request from JH to use  as much ‘lontar leaf’ as was possible. Initially deemed as an ‘un-weavable’ Our talented and ambitious team cleverly found their own system in order to weave with lontar leaf- ( brittle white leaf)never been done before. This was a steep learning curve which has resulted in Make A Scene! adding woven lontar installations to our expanding portfolio and repertoire. Lontar leaf lasts for months and months retaining its clean, cream colour. We can now design and weave fine art pieces alongside sustainable and perishable eco- friendly installations that remain on the island.

New dooors have most certainly opened to further overseas projects with this crucial finding and additional, desirable new natural material.

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