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A Digital Scrapbook of enterprising teams we find, whose ambitious work inspires and furthers the Sustainable Art Movement.

Art Activism in collaboration with Sungaiwatch and Make A Change World

Thank you for all those who fight tirelessly for a cleaner world.

This Pemulung (trash picker) statue is a true testament that this war is far from over and that we have a much bigger pandemic on our hands, plastic

A SCENE to shock us into ACTION

A video by Make A Change World.

Plastic is destroying our planet, we cannot let it threaten our home, Bali. Let's rethink plastic usage and production

I Gusti Ngurah Arya Udianata
Sculpture Artist in Bamboo

A Visionary in Bamboo weaving. Udianata pioneered  the technique of layering split bamboo to create depth and intricacy. His installations are awe-inspiring masterpieces  of magnitude complimented by unparalleled detail.  Udianata’s innovations in weaving have progressed from aluminium, to rattan and now specialising in bamboo. His creations are vast in scale supported by metal structural frameworks. Featured here, at Soundrenaline, the biggest annual music festival in South East Asia, he stunned everyone with his 8.5m x 7m tall Warrior Backdrop.

Interesting reads/ initiatives
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