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The Mandapa is our masterpiece for Green Wedding Design.
Exectued for Silhouette Events as the crowning jewel of a three day Indian Wedding in Uluwattu, Bali

Green beauty swirls around the couple at their most significant moment. ....

6m x 9m of woven ribbon suspended atop a cliff creates

a Wedding Arbour like no other. Art installation married with contemporary architecture. 

The Mandapa structure is a feat of engineering; it required two specialist teams to combine their skills for months of process & development and fine tuning with exquisitely handcrafted fresh, woven details.


Weaving transcends cultures. 

We merged Indian matrimonial traditions with Balinese local materials and artforms. International clients inspire us to interpret cultural identities and innovate our weaving.  



Scale, volume, and scope.

This wedding commission stretched us to cover vast areas of venue with bespoke décor.

From the bridal entrance framed by lavish penjors, ceiling chandeliers sculpted from bamboo to the magnificent Mandapa.


The scene was set
for a magical bridal entrance

Staircase to Heaven

12 regal penjors lined the staircase.

Exquisite craftmanship with an

all-natural colour palette created a heavenly vision


Paradox: The structure had to be light enough to achieve the appearance of effortless suspension whilst being sturdy and safe at the same time. 

We needed to defy gravity in a totally exposed setting with no exterior structures to depend on for additional strength and support. In addition our paramount consideration had to be the safety of the wedding party moving around within the Mandapa during the ceremony.

The result: An unforgettable structure, inspired by nature and combined cultures, made with the unique Bali Artisan touch.

Concept and Design by Silhouette Events
in collaboration with Make A Scene Bali

Client Testimonial
Aakriti Anand, Creative Director Silhouette Events
August, 2022


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