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A Leaf Creation Studio

Make A Scene! is a Bali based team of designers and expert weavers from Mengwi, dedicated to preserving time- honoured traditions and keeping skilled craftsmanship alive through weaving. 

Traditional Weaving for Contemporary Events

Using specialised weaving of coconut leaf, our team design and create

larger-than-life sculptures, art-scapes, event settings, accessories

and wearable art for Events across Bali and Beyond.... 

Whatever the venue or size of event, we can Make A Scene! for you. 




GUS ARI. Head of the Workshop


Gus Ari has single-handedly led a Green Movement across the island of Bali by returning to traditional Balinese Wedding Decoration methods, rooted in the use of entirely natural materials.

An expert, master weaver in traditional coconut leaf weaving, he subsequently experimented and perfected 3D weaving which exploded the potential of this wonderful, natural material. 

CIKNANG AGUS. Master Weaver


Ciknang is a highly knowledgeable and skilled weaver. He can be given any design and invent new ways to adapt weaving patterns and combinations to achieve the desired effect. 

2. CIKNANG AGUS. Master Weaver.jpg
3.GUS SURYA. The three-dimensional sculp


The three-dimensional sculptor


Gus is a true 'Artist'. From design to reality, he conceives, designs and builds new structures ready for application. 

He is a master at improvising with the leaf and inventing new application methods. Gus Surya Sculpts with leaf.

DWI. Leader of the Craftswomen


A strong woman who has a solid command over the female craftswomen of the team. She ensures the smooth coordination of their talented workmanship. 

4.DWI Leader of the Craftswomen.jpg

Chloe Quinn. British Theatre Designer


"At MAS! we love to challenge ourselves to introduce contemporary ideas and themes to push the boundaries of our work."

Creative Director. An award winning Stage and Costume Designer from the UK, Chloe has introduced more contemporary designs into the team's portfolio.

'Traditional Bali for Contemporary Events'. She uses her design training to adapt and reimagine the craft of weaving into innovative new forms for a variety of spaces and contexts.

Preserving Generational Craft


Our aim is to Honour and Preserve Balinese Art and Culture. For Balinese generations old and young to view their county's  time-honoured craft in a new, desirable and exciting light. Traditional craft can be Cutting Edge, Contemporary and Pioneering. We aspire to be a team of leaders, inspiring a new wave of sustainable artistry across Bali.

6. Preserving generational craft.jpg
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