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A Leaf Creation Studio

Make A Scene  A Leaf Creation Studio  is a Bali based team of designers and expert weavers from Mengwi


Weaving with coconut leaf “ Busung and Slepan” has been passed down from generation 

to generation, by mothers and fathers, as families gather to share the workload for the all- consuming ceremonies of Balinese religious life. 


Dedicated to preserving time- honoured traditions and skilled craftsmanship. MAS create larger than life sculptures, artscapes and event settings that embrace theatre, cultural storytelling and sustainability.

More recently MAS has launched their first series of “wearable art” woven jewellery and body adornment, taking the skill of weaving, cutting and shaping to a new and innovative scale and proportion. 


Their unique work was born from a union of two enterprising creatives, Chloe Rose Quinn and Ida Bagus Gede Ari Artana with an admiration for each other's expertise in theatre design and traditional coconut leaf weaving. Together they have created a magical outlet for their passions, combining contemporary and traditional methods, whilst embracing fresh perspectives and sharing skills.

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Ida Bagus Gede Ari Artana: Co Founder

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Chloe Rose Quinn : Founder & Director 

Chloe an award-winning Stage and Costume Designer from the UK moved to Bali in 2016 She was inspired and excited by the theatrical and lavish weddings, ceremonies and sense of decoration and the beauty in everyday things. The island liberated and pushed her to think bigger and more grandiose in her ideas and designs. Her breakthrough came as a result of her  discovery of the group of palm leaf weavers who shone a light on leaf as the material of choice for creating beautiful pieces of Art. She instantly knew she had found a very special material that excited her and would become her new source of inspiration and focus. The marriage of contemporary design training and traditional craftsmanship resulted in the creation of Make A Scene!, a play on words, and the production of increasingly exciting Installations and Artwork.

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Ciknang Agus: Master Weaver

Ciknang is an experienced master kite maker. This background has given him his key strength of immeasurable patience and nimble fingers to achieve the very small-scale, highly intricate weaving and carving techniques. He is also a problem solver who can be given any design and invent new ways to adapt weaving patterns and combinations to achieve the desired effect

Gus Surya: The 3D Sculptor

Gus is a true 'Artist'. From design to reality, he conceives, designs and intrinsically builds bamboo and rattan sculptural structures ready for weaving application. He is a master at improvising with the leaf and inventing new application methods. Gus Surya Sculpts with leaf

Gus Ari has single-handedly led a Green Movement across the island of Bali by returning to traditional Balinese Wedding Decoration methods, rooted in the use of entirely natural materials. An expert, master weaver  in traditional coconut leaf weaving, he subsequently experimented and perfected 3D weaving and exploded the potential of this wonderful,    natural material. Gus Ari has now trained a team of weavers in high quality  3-Dimensional, large scale and detailed works. Ever committed to further develop and challenge the craft of weaving his motto is innovate, innovate, innovate. 'We love a challenge' 


Dwi : Leader of the Craftswomen

The first female craftswoman of the team, she became a role model and inspiration for the women of Gulingan village. She has a solid command over the female craftswomen of the team. A patient, approachable teacher who ensures the smooth coordination of their talented workmanship.

Ray : Multi Skilled, Multi Talented

Ray is a multi talented craftswoman. She has a ‘yes’ attitude and is always keen to add new skills to her bow. She can transition from large scale weaving to the small intricate works too. She challenges herself and is very capable during installations- agile, heavy lifting, free-style weaving... she commands a lot of respect from her team.

How It's Made Matters

“Our aim is to honour and preserve Balinese art and culture…to encourage Balinese to view their county’s time-honoured craft in a new and exciting light”. 


Weaving is an integral part of the Balinese culture. From the weaving of daily offerings to the gods, baskets, roofing and large-scale decorative forms for weddings and festivals. It is a community activity as well as having links back to ancient cultures and religious practice and ritual.


MAS uses two types of coconut leaf- Slepan and Busung and more recently Lontar leaf all carefully sourced for the quality  of the leaf in West and North Bali. Gus Ari has assembled a team of 7 outstanding weavers. It is of particular pride that the team is composed of an equal number of women and men. These weavers have consequently become role models to    their children and their community.


“Our workshop is very community based. Started humbly at the back of a temple and we are still there - growing in number women, children, priests …”


Traditional craft can be cutting edge, contemporary and pioneering. MAS is a team of leaders, inspiring a new wave of sustainable artistry across Bali with strong roots in Balinese heritage . The MAS workshop is situated in Mengwi, Badung. The craftsmen and women are the pride of their village and have become highly respected representatives of  Art and Culture for the Badung Regency.

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