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Artisan By Nature

Artisan By Nature

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A Leaf Creation Studio

Make A Scene  A leaf Creation Studio  is a Bali based team of designers and expert weavers from Mengwi


Weaving with coconut leaf “ Busung and Slepan” has been passed down from generation 

to generation, by mothers and fathers, as families gather to share the workload for the all- consuming ceremonies of Balinese religious life. 


Dedicated to preserving time- honoured traditions and skilled craftsmanship. MAS create larger than life sculptures, artscapes and event settings that embrace theatre, cultural storytelling and sustainability. More recently MAS has launched their first series of “wearable art” woven jewellery and body adornment, taking the skill of weaving, cutting and shaping to a new and innovative scale and proportion. 


Their unique work was born from a union of two enterprising creatives, with an admiration for each other’s expertise-theatre design and traditional coconut leaf weaving. They have created a magical outlet for their passions, combining contemporary and traditional methods and ideas, embracing fresh perspectives, and sharing skills.

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Ida Bagus Gede Ari Artana: Co Founder

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Chloe Rose Quinn : Founder & Creative Director 

Chloe an award-winning Stage and Costume Designer from the UK moved to Bali in 2016 She was inspired and excited by the theatrical and lavish weddings, ceremonies and sense of decoration and the beauty in everyday things. The island liberated and pushed her to think bigger and more grandiose in her ideas and designs. Her breakthrough came as a result of her  discovery of the group of palm leaf weavers who shone a light on leaf as the material of choice for creating beautiful pieces of Art. She instantly knew she had found a very special material that excited her and would become her new source of inspiration and focus. The marriage of contemporary design training and traditional craftsmanship resulted in the creation of Make A Scene!, a play on words, and the production of increasingly exciting Installations and Artwork.