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Pemulung Indonesia

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Our handcrafted homage to the Trash Pickers of Indonesia. A collaboration with Bamboo Weaving Artist, Udianata. Handwoven coconut leaf dovetails with bamboo weaving to create a hybrid sculpture.

The sculpture was conceived and created to support 'Make A Change World' in their fundraiser to raise awareness and celebrate 'the unsung heroes of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia'


A film by Gary Bencheghib for Sungai Watch and Make A Change World.

This sculpture project challenged our team to significantly improve the technique they use when building structures. The structure is imperative for the success of the weaving as it provides the crucial contour for the weaving to be applied over the top.

The new technique: Wrapping bamboo strips around the main structure, the smooth effect almost acts like a base of 'skin' ready for the leaf to be applied.

New weaving technique: Independent, free pieces of leaf. The one main stick of the slepan leaf is removed, making the leaf so much more malleable.

'Continuous Weaving' style

Our Pemulung is 'dressed' in woven leaf garments.

Udianata is an expert in the technique of

'Layered Weaving' with bamboo

Heading down to our first filming location with 'Make A Change World'

Sunrise: Capturing our 'Pemulung' trash picker in his toxic un(natural) habitat- an illegal dumping ground

Raising awareness of the unsung heroes of the Covid 19 pandemic in Indonesia. The stoic trash pickers of Bali's dumps

Keep Bali clean and green


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